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A Police Squad is Getting Paid to Play Games

A Police Squad is Getting officers has been assigned to an interesting task: playing videogames online. Getting paid to play games is a dream many have likely had, but chances are few imagined being a cop while doing it.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of negativity and even potential crime in online multiplayer games. The anonymity of the internet makes it easy for some to bully others, or worse, making the gaming experience anything but fun. Apparently, that’s where this police group is trying to come in.

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While this effort might strikeon Tallon IV some gamers as silly, the truth is that there are rampant problems surrounding online gaming and streaming. Toxicity in games has been studied and reported on many times, with players in some titles experiencing hate speech and harassment on a regular basis. This has extended into swatting on occasion, as well, which has had lethal outcomes in some cases. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a one-size-fits-all solution to these problems.

That’s not to say that the industry isn’t trying, though. Games are tightening up their speech filters, urging players to report harassers, with games like Overwatch notably censoring certain comments and replacing them with silly or positive ones. Developers and publishers are also researching methods of combating hate in games with AI, but so far, no innovation has resulted in a totally safe environment to game in. Some may see cops monitoring online games as a step too far, but others may see it as potentially beneficial.

While a small police squad obviously can’t monitor everything that goes on in games, some players may appreciate the effort. A few cops playing games with young people isn’t going to change the world, but at least they’re taking the matter seriously. Unfortunately, some cops haven’t been as tech-savvy or aware of the potential threat that online gaming and streaming carries. In one instance, a popular streamer was told cyber-stalking isn’t a crime, only for her stalker to show up in real life at her home afterward. Online threats and dangers often carry over to the real world. If the Police Online Patrol can stop even one criminal activity from occurring in a game, it’s a step in the right direction.


How long did police squad run?

Against critical acclaim, the show was canceled by ABC after just six episodes. The show gained a strong cult following through repeat broadcasts on cable channels. Alan North played Captain Ed Hocken, and Peter Lupus co-starred as Officer Norberg.

What was the purpose of the first police squad?

The first police squad car was put on the road in 1922, to help fight prohibition.



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