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CodeMiko’s Shock Collar Twitch Ban Has Been Reversed

Dedicated followers of  Twitch streamer CodeMiko can breathe a sigh of relief as the popular V-tuber has been unbanned by the streaming platform. CodeMiko had been sanctioned after she’d fallen foul of Twitch’s Terms of Service after she used a shock collar on herself during a livestream.

With nearly a million followers on Twitch, CodeMiko has thousands of viewers who regularly tune in to catch up with her. But in a recent stream, Miko took things too far for Twitch’s policies and got banned after using a shock collar.

The streaming platform does not allow content “that glorifies, promotes, or encourages self-harm” and activities that encourage “physically harmful behaviour”. But the ban has not lasted long and CodeMiko took to Twitter to celebrate and announce the reversal (via Dexerto).

On a recent stream, Miko and fellow Twitcher HanaxBanana were playing a game in which the pair followed the rule “you laugh you lose” and if one did laugh then the forfeit was being shocked. Miko was wearing a shock collar.

CodeMiko has risen in prominence for V-tubing where she appears as a virtual persona using a digital avatar overlaid on her figure and face. Miko (real name Youna Kang) uses advanced motion capture suits, gloves, and Unreal Engine to bring her alter ego to life. And now, Twitch users can expect to see more of the likable streamer on the platform once again.


What software does CodeMiko use?

Kang created the CodeMiko persona using Unreal Engine, a motion capture suit from Xsens, motion capture gloves from Manus VR and a facial tracking helmet from MOCAP Design.

What is CodeMiko on Twitch?

CodeMiko is an NPC (non playable character) from a failed video game. Her dream was to become part of a AAA game, but her avatar was too glitchy. Now, CodeMiko streams live on Twitch where she’s become one of the most popular virtual live streamers.




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