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Creed 3 Movie Review India Simply Terrific

Michael B. Jordan helms as the director, while Ryan and Keegan Coogler serve as the writers for Creed 3 Movie Review, the third sequel of the Creed franchise and the ninth of the Rocky franchise. The movie features a star-studded cast including Jordan, Tessa Thompson,

Jonathan Majors, Wood Harris, Florian Munteanu, Phylicia Rashad, Teófimo López, Thaddeus J. Mixon, Spencer Moore II, and Mila Davis-Kent. Interestingly, this is the first film in the Rocky/Creed series that excludes Rocky from the cast. The absence of Sylvester Stallone,

Creed 3 Movie Review India Simply Terrific

Creed 3 Movie Review

who opted out for personal reasons, is attributed to his belief that there is no significant role for him in the film.

Creed 3 Movie Review tells the story of Adonis, whose childhood friend, Damian, was a rising star and a boxing prodigy before being imprisoned. After being released from jail, Damian realizes that he has wasted valuable time and is running out of time in his prime and becomes more determined to achieve.

his dreams of reaching the top of boxing. However, his actions become increasingly dangerous and reckless, revealing that he has nothing left to lose. As a result, Adonis must come out of retirement to settle old and new scores.

On top of the cameras, Jordan’s directorial debut went fantastically. He captures this film perfectly, from a fighter’s perspective. The inclusion of certain stylistic moments in this film were excellent choices. The anime-like fight scenes were incredibly fun.

This is definitely my favorite Creed 3 Movie Review since the first, although I still feel like the first one is better. However, I definitely like this one better than the second. The script by the Coogler brothers is excellent, with exceptional pacing that doesn’t slow down once it starts.

In terms of performance, Michael B. Jordan Creed 3 Movie Review is amazing and charismatic as ever as Adonis. He has a presence on screen that no one can replicate, and everyone in the room knows it. Tessa Thompson is also phenomenal as always as Creed’s wife and music producer,

Bianca. She has become a deeply passionate and empathetic character, and I love her in this role. As far as standout performances go, it’s once again,

just like Ant-Man and the Wasp 3, Jonathan Majors as Damian who steals the show. He’s astounding and might even be better in this role than Kang so far… He’s terrific and carries scenes at times, and he is phenomenal throughout.

All in all, even without the titular character of the series, Creed 3 is one of my favorite Rocky films. Do I think this movie would have been better with Stallone’s inclusion? Absolutely, but I also understand that this was a deeply personal story that could have felt bloated had he been there. There’s more to the story than there being no place for Rocky.

It is a feud between producers, one of them being Stallone and the other Irwin Walker, who currently owns the rights to the Rocky franchise. With that being said, this movie is cinematic. It packs a serious punch and begs to be seen as intended.


Will Creed 3 be good?

Creed III packs a real punch with a truly gripping and emotional story and a scene stealing turn from the ever charismatic Jonathan Majors. March 5, 2023 Rating: 4/5 | Full Review… Creed was an introduction of a new hero, Creed II was the hero becoming a champion and Creed III is the hero standing firm in his legacy.

What Illness Does Rocky have in Creed?

About 90 minutes and several inspirational montages into Creed, Ryan Coogler’s installment in the Rocky series, we’re hit with an emotional curveball: Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) has lymphoma. Up until this point, things have been looking up for our aging hero—Adonis (Michael B.

Will drago return in creed 3?

Despite Lundgren’s absence, Florian Munteanu does come back for a small cameo as Viktor Drago.

Why did Rocky not fight Drago?

Rocky: The Ultimate Guide is considered the holy grail of Rocky books to accompany the movies. According to the Rocky Wikia page, the guide says that Drago was unable to fight after his loss to Balboa due to the USSR’s restrictions on turning professional.10-Jul-2017

Why did Apollo choose Rocky?

It wasn’t until a top-ranked challenger backed out on fighting Apollo at the last minute that he decided it would be a good publicity stunt if he took on a no-name underdog. He chose Rocky because he liked his fighting name, The Italian Stallion. But surprisingly, once they got in the ring, Rocky put up a real fight.

Who is Ivan Drago in real life?

Chinese fighter, Taishan Dong, who is 7 feet tall, has the makings to be the real life Drago, well minus the Russian part.



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