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Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete Guide And Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete is the penultimate chapter in the Light and Darkness saga. The Witness is here, and it will stop at nothing to get its way. Join the Vanguard and help fight against

Emperor Calus to stop the Witness’ plan and save the Traveler. Uncover the secrets of Neomuna, master the powers of Strand, and help prevent the second Collapse.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete Guide And Walkthrough

Getting Started 

Newer Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete 2 players will want to learn how leveling works, the basics of each class, and how armor stats and mods work. We have guides listed below that should cover the basics. We’ll expand this section to be much more comprehensive throughout the season. Stay tuned.

  • Which Class Should I Play First?
  • Destiny 2: How To Reach Max Power Level Quickly
  • Beginner Basics (Changing Subclasses, Joining A Clan, Etc.)
  • A Complete Guide To Armor 2.0

Season Of Defiance

Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete Battlegrounds, Engrams, And Key Guide
Season Of Defiance War Table Guide

Defiant Battlegrounds, Engrams, And Key Guide
Season Of Defiance War Table Guide

Every New Weapon In Lightfall
Vexcalibur Exotic Quest And Catalysts Guide
How To Get The Ecliptic Distaff Glaive
Season Of Defiance Gear, Ranked

Seasonal Challenges

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Our end begins. The Witness has cornered the Traveler and will stop at nothing to achieve its goals. Fend off the Darkness and uncover the secrets of Neptune in Lightfall’s campaign.

CHeck out our guides below for in-depth walkthroughs on each campaign mission, all of the new gear you can earn on Neomuna, and recreate some of Destiny 2’s strongest builds.

New Gear (Lightfall)

Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete

It wouldn’t be a new Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete expansion without new gear to chase. Check out all of Lightfall’s new weapons and Exotics with our guides below. We’ll have god roll recommendations and Exotic quest guides soon.

Content Guides

Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete

Neomuna is a massive city that’s packed with things to find. From the Terminal Overload activity to hidden region chests, our guides will showcase everything Neptune has to offer.

All Neomuna Region Chest Locations

Root Of Nightmares Raid Guide


Strand is Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete 2’s newest subclass. Control the fabric of reality itself to levitate your foes and swing across rooftops. Our guides will showcase how to master Strand, how to unlock all of its Aspects and Fragments, and much more.

  • A Complete Guide To Strand

Buildcrafting ResourcesDestiny 2 Lightfall Complete
Buildcrafting inDestiny 2 Lightfall Complete 2 can be daunting with the sheer array of options you have. Learning about mod synergies, ability cooldowns, and what functions in PvE and PvP is downright impossible if you don’t play Destiny 2 for dozens of hours each week.

That’s where our guides come in. We’ve tested various mechanics and mods in Destiny 2 and recorded how they work. Want to know how strong Firepower is? Check out our

Charged with Light mods article. Interested in what every ability cooldown is? We have that too. We’ll be adding to this subsection as needed to help you make the perfect build.

Armor Mods And Armor Charge Explained
Armor Stats Explained
Ability Cooldowns And Super Tiers Explained
Every Way To Obtain High-Stat Armor
Damage Resistance Explained
Every Buff And Debuff Explained
Weapon Stats Explained
Airborne Effectiveness Explained

Builds For Season 20

Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete

Arc 3.0, Void 3.0 and Solar 3.0 have given their respective subclasses the Aspects and Fragments system we previously saw with Stasis. And thanks to weapon crafting, obtaining

the gear you want should be the easiest it’s ever been. Buildcrafting has become more important than ever before, and the payoff for creating a build has never been greater.

We’ll be updating all of these build guides for Lightfall’s new buildcrafting system in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Hunter Builds For PvE And PvP
Titan Builds For PvE And PvP
Warlock Builds For PvE And PvP

Subclass 3.0 Reworks

Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete

Bungie has reworked every Light subclass in Destiny 2, converting their grid design to the Aspects and Fragments system that debuted with Stasis. In other words, all Light subclasses offer far more customization,

centralized keywords for Guardians to build around, and even more tools to play with. Our guides below showcase how the new 3.0 system works, all new Aspects and Fragments, and each element’s keywords.

Arc 3.0 Guide
Solar 3.0 Guide
Every Solar Fragment, Ranked
Void 3.0 Guide

Every Void Fragment, Ranked
Armor Mods And Armor Charge Explained

The Witch Queen

Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete

Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete 2’s Witch Queen expansion sends Guardians to Savathun’s Throne World in search of the truth. Savathun has found a way to steal the Light for herself and her Hive Coven,

granting them powers much like your own. You must venture out into the Throne World to stop whatever Savathun is planning.

Before you’re ready to stop the Lucent Brood, you’ll need to prepare by completing The Witch Queen’s campaign, unlock the expansion’s weapon crafting system, and much more. Check out our other content guides that cover everything from Lost Sectors to raids.

Campaign Walkthrough

The Investigation Walkthrough
The Ghosts Walkthrough
The Communion Walkthrough
The Mirror Walkthrough
The Cunning Walkthrough
The Last Chance Walkthrough
The Ritual Walkthrough

Weapon Crafting

Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete

The Darkness bestows a gift that Destiny fans have wanted for years: weapon crafting. Through Mars’ Enclave, Guardians can create powerful weapons with the exact perks they want, right down to the Masterwork.

There’s a ton to cover with a system such as this, so be sure that you understand the fundamentals first. We’ll have more weapon crafting guides in the coming days that discuss how the crafting economy works, which weapons you should craft, and more.

How To Unlock And Use Weapon Crafting
How To Level Crafted Weapons Quickly
How To Get Neutral Element
How To Get Ascendant Alloys
Weapon Rolls Worth Crafting

New Gear (The Witch Queen)

Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete

Use the bones of your enemies to craft the devastating Osteo Striga, or assist the Cabal with their war against the Hive to obtain some powerful new seasonal items.

A new Destiny expansion means there’s new loot to chase, and there’s no shortage of loot in this expansion. Over 50 new weapons have been added, some of which can be crafted.

Check out our guides below on what has been added to this expansion and which rolls are worth grinding for.

Origin Traits Explained

How To Use A Glaive

Exotic Catalyst Catalogue

The Witch Queen Weapon God Rolls Guide

Throne World Secrets

Destiny 2 Lightfall Complete
The queen of deceit has riddled her Throne World with secrets for Guardians to uncover. The new Deepsight mechanic and Destiny’s typical obsession with collectibles will surely give players enough reason to search every nook and cranny of the High Coven.

All Darkness Rift Locations
All Lucent Moth Locations
➵ Return to Quick Links

Bungie 30th Anniversary

Destiny 2 Lightfall CompleteThe Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack serves as a celebration of Bungie’s past, a nostalgia-fueled DLC that harkens back to the days of Myth and Halo.

Defeat enemies in a Nine game show called Dares of Eternity to chase the perfect Halo Battle Rifle, or descend into the Cosmodrome’s Loot Cave to earn some of Destiny’s most coveted items.

And who could forget Gjallarhorn, arguably the most iconic weapon in the Destiny franchise? It’s all here, waiting to be claimed by you and your fireteam. Use the guides

below to learn how Dares of Eternity works, how to clear the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, and which weapon rolls you should be chasing from this DLC.

30th Anniversary ContentDestiny 2 Lightfall Complete
Grasp Of Avarice Dungeon Guide
Exotic Quests & Best Weapon Rolls
Every Weapon In The Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack
Bungie 30th Anniversary Weapon God Rolls Guide

Gjallarhorn Exotic Quest And Catalyst Guide
Forerunner Exotic Quest And Catalyst Guide

Lightfall is not the end of Destiny 2.

Bungie has also confirmed that the game will continue past the conclusion of the Light and Darkness saga. So, you still have a lot to look forward to in Destiny 2, whether it be in Lightfall or in the years to come

Will there be more DLC after Lightfall?

Year 6, which began with Lightfall, continues Year 5’s seasonal model. There are four planned seasons for Year 6: Season of Defiance, which released alongside Lightfall in February 2023, which will be followed by Season of the Deep in May, and two unnamed seasons to be released later in the year.

Who is the new enemy in Lightfall?
Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Lightfall, has introduced a kind of enemy that players have grown fond of. These enemies, called Tormentors, are entities created through the powers of both Emperor Calus and The Witness, and commanded by the latte



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