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Fairy Tail The 10 Strongest Guilds

In a world Fairy Tail  overflowing with magic and mages born with inherent power, maintaining peace and order would surely be an ardent task. For this very reason,

the Magic Council has a strict system of ‘guilds’ set in place, ensuring a place for wizards within the framework of Fiore.

Fairy Tail The 10 Strongest Guilds

10 Twilight Ogre

10 Twilight Ogre

After Team Tenrou’s disappearance on Tenrou Island, Twilight Ogre became Magnolia’s strongest guild, forcing the remnants of Fairy Tail outside the main city.

The guild itself was quite weak considering it was never able to make it through the Grand Magic Games’ preliminary round.

However, the guild still possessed some power taking into account how they were able to overpower the remaining members of Fairy Tail. The guild became largely unknown once Team Tenrou made its return, taking back power from Twilight Ogre and its extortionist members.

9 Quatro Cerberu

Being one of the few guilds to make it through the preliminaries of the Grand Magic Games, Quatro Cerberus showed immense potential, especially with its fearsome S-rank mage,

Baccus Groh. This initial promise dissipated right after the Games commenced, with the guild ranking at the bottom in almost every event.

Bacchus seemed to be the only promising member of the guild, though his defeat at the hands of Elfman soon painted the entire guild in the same light, relegating it to mere comedic relief for the Magic Games.

8 Phantom Lord

Phantom Lord was initially presented as a rival to the Fairy Tail guild, denoting the two as equals of sorts. This narrative had some truth to it, considering the guild possessed a Dragon Slayer and was led by one of the Ten Wizard Saints of Ishgar – Jose Porla.

However, the two guilds faced off against one another quite early on in the series, with Fairy Tail easily subduing Phantom Lord. Jose Porla, the guild’s trump card, lost to Makarov in a fight that was uneventful, to say the least.

Phantom Lord’s defeat is further made disgraceful by the fact that two of Fairy Taill’s S-rank wizards, Gildarts and Laxus, were absent during the war.

7 Mermaid Heel

Mermaid Heel is one of the few all female guilds in Fiore, featuring a few promising members within its ranks.

However, the Grand Magic Games made it quite apparent that the guild was carried by just one member – Kagura Mikazuchi.

6 Blue Pegasus

The members of Blue Pegasus offer more than what meets the eye, with each wizard showcasing some semblance of power.

Their reputation among Fiore is what led them to being chosen for the alliance against Oracion Seis, though they certainly paled in comparison to the other guilds.

The Trimens are the most powerful group within the guild, and while each one possesses a unique form of magic, the group’s strength seems satisfactory at best. Considering their

current power levels, it seems the runway would better suit these pretty faces than the battlefield.

 5 Raven Tail 

Raven Tail’s legitimization as a guild still remains a mystery, though the secret to their strength is certainly no riddle. Being Makarov’s son, it’s only natural for Ivan to possess some of the same talent.

He was able to foster a guild with many powerful mages, some even capable of temporarily erasing the magic of others.

However, Raven Tail’s glory was short-lived, as all four members, including the Guild Master, were defeated at the hands of Laxus during the Grand Magic Games. The guild’s

failure to subdue even one S-class wizard clearly denotes how it stood no chance against the stronger guilds.

4 Lamia Scale

The previous Grand Magic Games that took place in Fairy Tail’s absence saw Lamia Scale take the position as the second-strongest guild in the Kingdom of Fiore.

Possessing a God Slayer and one of the Ten Wizard Saints of Ishgar, Lamia Scale is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Much of the guild’s power rests with Jura Neekis, known as one of the strongest humans alive. However, other members of the guild can pull their own weight as well, with members such as Sherria and Lyon adding to Lamia Scale’s diverse arsenal.

3 Crime Sorciere

Led by former Wizard Saint and Council Member Jellal Fernandes, Crime Sorciere is an independent guild formed under the goal of eradicating all remnants of Zeref.

The guild initially comprised Jellal, Meredy, and Ultear – three of the most powerful mages in all of Fiore.

2 Sabertooth  

During the seven-year timeskip, Sabertooth recruited several high-class wizards and garnered repute as the strongest guild in all of Fiore.

The guild remained the undisputed winner of the Grand Magic Games every year until Fairy Tail’s return, clearly depicting Sabertooth’s unfathomable power.

With a Lightning God Slayer and two Dragon Slayers, Sabertooth’s strength already seemed unmatchable. Coupled with Yukino’s Celestial Magic and Minerva’s space manipulation magic, Sabertooth truly becomes an unstoppable force.

However, the guild falls short of being the strongest due to one missing aspect – the power of friendship.

1 Fairy Tail

Without even a semblance of doubt, Fairy Tail takes the title of being the strongest guild in the Kingdom of Fiore. Being the titular guild of the series, Fairy Tail was bound to be the most powerful,

though the guild certainly backs this up with members possessing absurd levels of strength. With three Dragon Slayers and three S-rank wizards, no other guild comes close to the sheer strength that Fairy Tail possesses.

Even other members of the guild have been shown to be quite promising, especially Lucy and Gray. However, the guild’s secret weapon is its power of friendship, fueling the strength of each member.

Some of the guild’s spells have also been based on this concept, such as Fairy Sphere. All in all, Fairy Tail’s strength remains unprecedented,

as the guild continues to debase any opponent it stumbles upon.


Has Fairy Tail finished?

Image result for fairy tail
Written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima, Fairy Tail was serialized in the manga anthology Weekly Shōnen Magazine from August 2, 2006, to July 26, 2017. The 545 individual chapters were collected and published into 63 tankōbon volumes by Kodansha between December 15, 2006, and November 17, 2017.

Is Fairy Tail is a good anime?

Image result for fairy tail
Fairy Tail appeals to anime fans, thanks to a plot that’s layered with curious characters, legends, and a story that evolves at a believable pace rather than all at once. It’s more complex than most, and the characters run the gamut of personality styles, which helps keep things interesting.

Why is Fairy Tail popular?

Image result for fairy tail
The reason the Fairytail anime is so popular is because all of its characters constantly strip for no reason. There are other animes where characters strip but they give reasons so they are not as popular. The other reason is because it’s story is very tragic



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