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50 Cent Might Be Teasing Grand Theft Auto 6

50 Cent shared a photo of Grand Theft Auto: Grand Theft Auto 6     logo last night on Instagram, captioning it, “I will Explain this later, GLG [traffic light emoji] GreenLightGang this shit bigger than POWER trust me.” Seemingly, he’s teasing an appearance of some kind in GTA 6.

Grand Theft Auto 6 has always been lauded for its radio stations and carefully curated song choices across a variety of genres, so it may be that 50 Cent is set to appear via one of these stations in Vice City – the location, not the game.

It has long been speculated, leaked, and rumoured that Grand Theft Auto 6  will take us back after 4 returned to Liberty City and 5 returned to San Andreas, possibly explaining 50 Cent’s use of Vice City’s logo (as reported by ComicBook).

Aside from radio stations, artists have appeared in-game as characters, too. Recently, Dr Dre had an entire GTA Online update alongside Franklin, so it may be that 50 Cent is an actual character inGrand Theft Auto 6. This could be a small cameo, a recurring guest role, or something else entirely.

Vice City is GTA’s fictionalised version of Miami, and many believe that the leaks from last year corroborate the rumours that we’re returning to the city after 21 years. The leaks showed a man and a woman holding up a diner,

as well as that same woman walking down the road. On this road, we see palm trees, a Vice City staple.

These leaks were confirmed by Rockstar itself, so we know they’re legitimate. Combined with 50 Cent’s Instagram post, GTA 6 taking us back to Vice City seems more like an open secret at this point. Regardless, what his role will be remains unclear.

Some believe that given he said, “I will Explain this later”, an announcement may be imminent clearing all of this up. However, all we can do is speculate, so take 50 Cent’s words with a grain of salt.


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