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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Solve Depulso Puzzle Rooms 1 & 2

The mystical world of hogwarts-legacy-solve-clock-tower-puzzle  has so many riddles and secrets to uncover. For example, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has some concealed secrets within the school grounds, like the Clock Tower puzzle, the Bell Tower Puzzle, and the Viaduct Courtyard Bridge puzzle.

The Clock Tower is located at the Crossed Wand Dueling Club and can be unlocked after completing Gladwin Moon’s quest. Completing this puzzle rewards players with generous loot like a Wand Handle, Decoration Items, and a Legendary Gear in Hogwarts Legacy.


To solve the Clock Tower puzzle in hogwarts-legacy-solve-clock-tower-puzzle, players must unlock four doors. Unlocking the doors requires freezing the Clock’s Pendulum on the correct door symbol. The Pendulum swings back and forth among four symbols that belong to the locked doors in the Clock Tower, which are


Unicorn Symbol: First-floor door.
Owl Symbol: Second-floor door.
Two Dragons Symbol: Third-floor door.
Scarab Symbol: Fourth-floor door
Each door offers the following rewards:

  • Unicorn door: Decoration Chest
  • Owl door: Chest with eyes in Hogwarts Legacy
  • Two Dragons door: Decoration Chest and Wand Handle Chest.
  • Scarab door: Legendary Gear Chest.

Learning the Glacius or Arresto Momentum Spell is vital to freezing or holding the Clock’s Pendulum in its place. Furthermore, the Alohomora Spell is essential to unlocking the locked Clock Tower door in the Crossed Wand Dueling Club. The mentioned Spells could be acquired after completing these quests in Hogwarts Legacy

How To Unlock The Clock Tower


To unlock the Clock Tower in Hogwarts Legacy, players must complete The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament quest. The quest is triggered after interacting with Gladwin Moon, who has located several Demiguise statues around Hogwarts. The caretaker is terrified of their existence and thinks he is being pranked by some students.

Afterward, Gladwin Moon teaches players the Alohomora Spell, so they can access the Hospital Wing. Locating the Demiguise statues and delivering them back to the caretaker ends the first part of the quest and gives players access to the Clock Tower. Alternatively, players can unlock the Crossed Wand Dueling Club locked doors with the Alohomora Spell in Hogwarts Legacy to gain access to the Tower.


How do you solve the Clock Tower puzzle in Myst?
Clocktower & Gears Puzzle
  1. The correct time for the clock is 8:10. Move the dials and press the button to cross the bridge.
  2. Inside of the tower, the solution is 221 in descending order.
  3. Pull the right lever twice.
  4. Press and hold the left lever to rotate the middle gear and complete the puzzle.
Where is the clock puzzle control?
Room 222 on the left side of the hallway is now open. Go inside and interact with the clock on the desk underneath the window. The hands on Room 222’s clock will constantly turn in circles until you stop them by pressing “Square” on PS4 or “X” on Xbox One



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