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Hollow Knight Fans Are Using The Watcher’s Spire Telescope To Watch Shrek

hollow-knight-watchers-spire-telescope-shrek and it’s almost constantly being tinkered with by a dedicated community that still loves playing through the title to this day (we have to do something while we wait for Silksong). Most of its hidden secrets and development quirks have been found over the 6 years since release, but a new discovery involving a telescope found in the Watcher’s Spire in the City of Tears has the game’s subreddit in stitches.

The telescope in question is rather inconsequential in the grand scheme of the game, so we can forgive you for potentially forgetting about it or not even knowing it’s there. To jog your memory, close to the top of the Watcher’s Spire is a telescope you can inspect. Doing so gives you a full view of the City of Tears and not much else, but it’s a neat way to view the entire area while adding a sprinkling of lore to the overall game.

I put the entire Shrek movie in the telescope in Watcher’s Spire from HollowKnight

A little over 24 hours later and Pingu212 returns with another post, having crammed all 90 minutes of the Shrek movie into the telescope. Just like the Freddie Freaker commercial, you can hear the raindrops in the background of the movie when it isn’t being sped up, as Pingu212 is slightly amazed you can replace the original video with a 1.2GB file.

They also reveal that this telescope isn’t the only place you can swap out a disguised video file. You can do so every time you kill a Dreamer, when you fast-travel on a stag beetle, every time you see the blacksmith upgrade animation, and every time you learn a nail art. That’s a whole lot of Shrek.




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