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How Horizon Forbidden West’s Sequel Can Give Erend a Bigger Role

Horizon Forbidden West’s Sequel puts more attention than ever on Aloy’s friends. She gets to hang out with her companions at the Base, where she can chat with her friends or play a game of Machine Strike.

One of Aloy’s most lovable friends is Erend, and although he sometimes overindulges in alcohol, he remains loyal to his companions. Players get to see more of him in Horizon Forbidden West, but the next game can take things further.

There are still many aspects of Erend’s character and backstory that remain a mystery. The next Horizon game could answer these questions.

He could also be given a bigger role through his attempt to convince the Oseram to prepare for Nemesis’ arrival. This will require the tribe to unite and work with Aloy.

Erend’s Importance to Aloy

Erend's Importance to AloyAs players learn in Horizon Zero Dawn, Erend is an Oseram tribesman who befriends Aloy. She helps him locate his sister, Ersa, though she has been brutally tortured, and does not live for long. Following this

, Erend and Aloy remain close companions, which is fortunate, as Erend is a skilled warrior.

In Horizon Forbidden West, Erend sticks by Aloy’s side once again and helps her in the fight against the Far Zeniths.

Players also learn a bit more about Erend and his backstory, as he and Aloy seek out the last of Ersa’s murderers. However, not much time is spent on this storyline, which is understandable, as bigger events are going on.

Hence, the main way for players to interact with Erend is to play Machine Strike with him at the Base. Unfortunately, this results in Erend being mostly used for comic relief, and his character isn’t developed too much.

There is a chance for Erend to play a bigger role in the next Horizon game, and hopefully, Guerrilla does take this opportunity, as the character still has untapped potential

How Erend Can Play a Larger Role in the Next Horizon Game

Horizon Forbidden West's Sequel

In the next Horizon game, Aloy will have to contend with Nemesis, an evil AI which is determined to wipe out humankind. This will be the greatest challenge Aloy has ever faced, and she will need all the help she can get to save her species.

One thing that may help Aloy is the fact that she has built good relationships with many tribes, which may make them more likely to help her. When it comes to getting the Oseram tribe onboard for the battle against Nemesis,

Erend will be of great aid, and the next Horizon game should spend time focusing on how Aloy and Erend convince the Oseram to band together and work with them.

This may be somewhat difficult because the Oseram tribe, unlike many other tribes, is not very unified. It consists of many smaller clans, and the Oseram seldom stick to any territory, preferring to roam freely.

Corralling them together may be challenging. However, it would ultimately be worth it, as the Oseram are also skilled weapon-makers, as seen with characters like Boomer, which will be invaluable in the battle against Nemesis.

Erend isn’t the only character that should get increased attention in Horizon Forbidden West’s sequel. Zo the Utaru Gravesinger is a newly introduced character who becomes Aloy’s close friend and Varl’s romantic partner.

Though Aloy has a very independent personality, Nemesis may force her to lean on her friends more than ever. This is ultimately a good thing if it means players discover more about characters like Erend.

Horizon Forbidden West is available on PS4 and PS5.


Will there be another Horizon game after Forbidden West?

Guerilla Games, the developer behind the Horizon franchise, has confirmed that the series will be a trilogy of games. Seeing as there was a five-year gap between Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, players can expect a third game sometime in 2027.

Is there gonna be a third Horizon game?

It appears there are now at least three major Horizon games in the works, including what is likely to be a mainline sequel to Horizon Forbidden West, which ended on a cliffhanger.

Will there be a Horizon 6?

Forza 6 was released in 2015, but the game that fans are eagerly anticipating, Forza Horizon 6, isn’t expected to arrive until 2024 or 2025. But keep checking back, as we’ll keep you updated with all the latest news and rumors in the meantime.

Will Horizon be a trilogy?

Speaking on Twitter, they said: “Horizon will be a trilogy and its universe is already expanding with VR spinoff and more to come. Online standalone game or expansion is planned

Was Horizon Forbidden West a success?

Horizon Forbidden West launched last year to success and praise for its open-world, story, character development, and improvements over Horizon Zero Dawn – even if it was quickly overshadowed by FromSoft’s Elden Ring.



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