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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty How To Defeat Taotie

Despite being incredibly large, intimidating, and rat Dynasty How To Defeat Taotie her grotesque, Toatie is arguably the easiest boss to beat in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty How To Defeat How To Defeat Taotie

However, the fight has a gimmick that might not be immediately obvious when you first fight it.

Phase One Battle Strategy

Taotie might look scary to approach, but you should rush forwards to get by its feet as soon as you can. You might notice that it has glowing weak points highlighted on its feet, which should be your priority.

As mentioned, there are two, one on each foot to begin with. To burst the points, you need to keep attacking until it eventually goes away.

You’ll know when you’ve destroyed one weak point since it will stop glowing.

Breaking both of the weak points on Taotie’s feet will cause them to stagger and trip over. While it’s falling over, you should keep on swinging to deal damage, since it is extremely vulnerable in this state.

When Taotie hits the floor, it will be downed for a certain amount of time. During this time, you should make your way to the giant glowing eye, or orb, on their head.

You can hit it with normal attacks before you do, but try not to use Martial Arts because you want to build up your Spirit Gauge. When you reach the weak-point orb by its face, you’ll see the prompt to use a Fatal Strike. Charge up your Spirit and stab it to deal a bunch of damage.


With that strike, you’ll still be in the first phase, but Taotie will use different attacks and mix in more frequent Critical Strikes. Taotie will use a bunch of wide-ranged swings, which will cover and hit in a circle around it. As ever, you can deflect or block these when you see them coming.

You’ll notice that when Taotie stands up again, the weak points will re-appear on its feet. Just rinse and repeat from earlier, dealing damage to them until they burst, and eventually, you’ll topple Taotie again.

With Taotie toppled over, you’ll notice a lot of red thorns will be springing out of it, creating a tangled web of platforms and ledges for you to use. These are spawned for you to jump and climb on to reach the glowing orb on Taotie to deliver a charged Spirit attack.

Jump up and climb around the platforms until you can get to the next weak point.

After using the ledges to get to its weak point, and hitting it with a Spirit attack, you’ll trigger Taotie’s next phase.

Phase Two Battle Strategy

Depending on some RNG luck, this second phase won’t last long at all because of how little HP Taotie will have left after knocking it down twice. However, Taotie will now have lost a chunk of itself in the process and will be moving around on all fours now.

This makes it much more nimble than before, so be prepared for quicker attacks to come out. You should try your best to stay close to How To Defeat Taotie, not letting it get away from you when it dodges or backs away.

Taotie will still be massive and there will be some large swinging tentacles on either side, but while we were attacking from that angle, they never hit us.

It might be that a Follower was able to keep How To Defeat Taotie’s attention and because of this it didn’t use its side arms to attack us, so bringing one or two with you is worth considering if you’re stuck.

There are no weak points to damage in this phase. We recommend you stick to attacking it at the side instead of head-on, and you’ll eventually do enough Spirit damage to Taotie to stagger it again. After you get the stagger in this phase, Taotie will fall over once again.

As before, swathes of red, tangled platforms and vines will appear that you’re supposed to climb to reach its next weak point. Climb your way up as high as you can and then jump down to the platform where Taotie’s weak point is located.

You have to kill How To Defeat Taotie with this Fatal Strike on its final weak spot otherwise the fight will continue.


What is the legend of Tao Tei?

In ancient Chinese mythology, the Tao Tei was a monster which represented greed and gluttony and was said to devour its own body in fits of hunger. It was commonly depicted as a dog-like creature with a human-like head and eyes located in the armpit.

What does taotie mean in art?

(t-ow-tee-eh) a stylized monster face-mask design pattern commonly found on ancient Chinese bronzes with symmetrically arranged eyes, ears, horns, snout, and jaw.

What are the Chinese 4 guardian gods?

The Four Guardian Deities are a pantheon of four divine beasts; namely, the Blue Dragon, the White Tiger, the Red Phoenixes and the Black Tortoise and Serpent.



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