How to Win WinZO App?

How to Win WinZO?

WinZO Gold App Offers on Sign Up

  1. Get Rs.15 after registering on the WinZO App.
  2. Get 1 Fantasy Ticket worth Rs.15 for FREE.
  3. Earn Rs. 20 on the Spin Wheel.
  4. Play three 24X7 Tournaments for FREE.
  5. Get Extra Rs.10 WinZO Baazi Bonus.
  6. Get 75% Cashback on your first two Add Cash.
  7. Be a WinZO Superstar and Earn Rs. 540 per referral.

How to Win WinZO Gaming And Earning App Platform.

How to Win WinZO
How to Win WinZO

The gaming idea seldom goes wrong. First, Paavan needed to understand that there are more than 300 million Smartphone users.

Second, knowing well the huge number of users gaming for hours on end. Third, there is no age, education, literacy criteria – anyone and everyone is gaming.

Last but not least – research proved that there was not one single Indian company that monetized and made it big. Paavan sensed a great opportunity, grabbed it and that’s How to Win WinZO took shape.

How to Win WinZO App Download

How to Win WinZO(WinZO Download)

How to Win WinZO Indian Gaming

An analysis of what kind of games Indians love was another important angle he needed to focus on. Being an ardent Poker fan himself and seeing the poker and card gaming trend, Nanda started to create pilots.

People have different mindsets while gaming – some play for the heck of it and some were in it to make money and some others to gain knowledge or skills.

Diverse cultures, languages, entertainment tastes, lifestyles – all this made this intelligent entrepreneur offer the games in various languages.

Today How to Win WinZO boasts of 5 million subscribers operated via Tictok Skill Games Pvt Ltd. The reach is gone far beyond the interiors of the country.

From Ninja, temple runner, rummy, teen Patti, and other card games, quizzes, brain development games, crosswords, carom, cricket, bubble shooter, fruit samurai, knife up, memory mania, fantasy league, and trivia-based questions in 8 different languages and 8 more are in the pipeline. The final aim is to reach 100 plus games.

A chance to Win REAL Money.

How to Win WinZO – For a gamer winning cash and rewards has no limits. Some make a few thousands while others go on to making lakhs.  It can get quite addictive but that’s the name of the game in today’s tech-savvy generation.

The gamers’ subscription fee or top up their wallets goes into a prize-pool via Paytm or bank accounts. This Pool of money is distributed among the top performers on the basis of their ranks and skills.

The partnered brands give away discount vouchers as rewards too. The only way to know is to try WINZO APP.

How to Win WinZO Gaming Frenzy

How to Win WinZO – Gaming is here to stay for a long long time. India’s smartphone base has surpassed the 400 plus million mark and is growing faster than one can imagine. Gaming is the only platform that seems to have over-taken the TV watching time.

In fact, the lower-income strata people who used to play Ludo, cards, carom on the streets is soon moving to game on smartphones.

How to Win WinZO
How to Win WinZO

Expect more from Winzo

WINZO is sure to reach the No. 1 option platform sooner than later. The final goal is to get the popular Google games into WINZO’s platform and steadily make it into a full-fledged entertainment platform.

Both in-house developments of games and partnering are the way it goes. WINZO has in fact received a couple of rounds of funding and is keenly watching to expand to SAARC, Asian and African countries.

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