Jiofiber Quarterly Plans Launches Six New Postpaid Broadband Plans 2021

Jiofiber Quarterly Plans, Hello, Dear Readers welcome to our new post in this post you will check it about Jiofiber Quarterly Plans Launches Six New Postpaid Broadband Plans 2021, prices. Here’s everything you need to knowJiofiber Quarterly Plans

Jio Fiber has launched six new postpaid plans in India. When it comes to postpaid plans, the telecom operator had 6 and 12-months postpaid plans only. They have now expanded with the addition of six quarterly postpaid plans. These plans start at ₹2,097, exclusive of GST charges, with a base plan of 100Mbps.

Jio Fiber Quarterly Plans and Pricing

Jiofiber Quarterly Plans postpaid is being offered in two subscription formats – semi-annual and annual. Jio is offering seven plans under each subscription model. Let’s take a look at all Jiofiber Quarterly Plans.

  1. Re 2,097 Jio Fiber Postpaid 3-month plan
  2. Rs 2,997 Jio Fiber Postpaid 3-month plan
  3. Rs 4,497 Jio Fiber Postpaid 3-month plan
  4. Rs 7,497 Jio Fiber Postpaid 3-month plan
  5. Rs 11,997 Jio Fiber Postpaid 3-month plan
  6. Rs 25,497 Jio Fiber Postpaid 3-month plan

1. Jiofiber Quarterly Plans, priced at ₹2,097. It includes 100Mbps of upload and download speeds, unlimited data and voice calling benefits for three months. Here, you won’t be getting any additional benefits like OTT subscriptions. This will set you back by about ₹699 per month on this plan.

2. There is also the Rs. 4,497 Jio Fiber postpaid quarterly plan, which includes all the OTT platforms that are bundled with the Rs. 2,997 broadband plan, 300Mbps of download and upload speeds, as well as offer voice calling support. Moreover, the Rs. 4,497 plan also includes Netflix (Basic) plan.

In all the plans mentioned above, you will have to pay GST along with the prices mentioned, and you receive about 3300GB of data to use in the three months of the billing cycle.

Jiofiber Quarterly Plans

The Rs 7,497 + GST plan provides a speed of 500Mbps with unlimited data and free voice calling. The apps and subscriptions offered are the same as that of the Rs 4,497 plan.

Rs 11,997 + GST plan provides unlimited data at an upload and download speed of 1Gbps with free voice calling and a subscription to all the 16 apps and platforms as the previous two plans.

The new JioFiber plans are available on and on the MyJio app as well. Like the other JioFiber plans,

Jiofiber Quarterly Plans (FAQ): 

Which plan is best for Jio fiber?

JioFiber ₹1,499 Monthly Plan Unlimited @300 Mbps ₹1,499
JioFiber ₹2,097 Quarterly Plan Unlimited @100 Mbps ₹2,097

Can I change the plan to Jio fiber?

Yes, soon we will provide the ‘Bill Plan Change’ facility on MyJio App and

What is FUP in Jio 199 plan?

The new Rs 199 plan gives users 1.5GB of data every day, unlimited Jio to Jio voice calls and 1,000 FUP (Fair Usage Policy) minutes for other networks.

Which JioFiber plan is best?
Jio Broadband Plans 2021
Jio Fiber Plans List Data & Speed Price
JioFiber ₹1,499 Monthly Plan Unlimited @300 Mbps ₹1,499
JioFiber ₹2,097 Quarterly Plan Unlimited @100 Mbps ₹2,097
JioFiber ₹2,394 Semi-Annual Plan Unlimited @30 Mbps ₹2,394
JioFiber ₹2,499 Monthly Plan Unlimited @500 Mbps ₹2,499
Do I have to recharge JioFiber every month?
The Subscribers are provided with advance recharge options in all of the plans with associated benefits and discounts. The subscribers are free to opt for any of these options or avail the monthly recharge option. Data charges will be applicable for both incoming and outgoing video calls.
What if JioFiber is not recharged?
Isn’t Jio Fiber a monthly paid postpaid subscription. So if you haven’t paid, then your connection will be suspended. If you want to resume the connection, you can request the same with the customer service team and start paying for it.


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