Khata Book Udhar Bahi Khata, Credit Ledger Account

Khata Book (Ledger Account Book) – Replace your traditional Khata Book Udhar bahi khata by new digital ledger Khata Book. It is 100% Free, Safe and Secure for all types of businesses to maintain their customers’ accounts.Khata Book It is Tally for mobile. Shop owners can use the app to record credit (Jama) and debit (Udhaar) transactions for their trusted customers.

Number #1 app to replace your offline Udhar Bahi Khata and transform it into a digital ledger Cash Book with a lot of great features.

* 100% Free, Safe and Secure
* Free SMS updates to your customers on every transaction
* Automatic and Secure Online Backup
* Create Personal Khata books to manage udhaar/len-den of your friends & family
* Send WhatsApp payment reminder to your customers
* Manage multiple shops within one app
* Download your Customers PDF Report
* Use one khata book account on Multiple Phones
* Set payment reminder date for your customer
* Secure your account book using App Lock

With this ledger Cash Book you can also:

– Add a customer to Khata Book
– Edit Customer Information
– Add Transaction done by Customer
– Edit old transactions of your hisab kitab app
– Delete Transaction from your account book
– Call customer to remind about pending payments directly from Khata Book app
– Whatsapp customer to inform about pending payments, increase your udhar recovery
– Easy Backup & restore Khata Book data
– Simple and easy to use design to manage your Udhar khata
– Add Udhar Jama anytime, anywhere
– Your Hisab Kitab app in your pocket
– This digital Cash Book is completely free to use
– 100% accurate and reliable khata book is a great len den app
– Tally for mobile

Khata Book is proudly made in India ❤️❤️

Especially useful for shopkeepers and small and medium businesses doing sales on credit and len den.

Any category of shop can use:
– Mobile Recharge and Electronics Shops
– Kirana Shop, General Store, Grocery Store, Provision Store
– Bakery, Snacks and Juice Shops
– Jewellery shop, jauharee, gold seller
– Medical Store, Local Pharmacy
– Garments, tailor shop
– Paan Shops, chai shop, cigarette dukaan
– Personal Credit Book Keeping

What is Khata book?

Khatabook is a mobile app that helps small shopkeepers and Kirana store owners in India manage their books by helping them track the money owed to them through the means of a digital ledger.

How can I download Khata book in PC?

Open Android emulator and login with Google account. Khata Book – Ledger Account Book, Udhar khata app available on Play Store. So search and find it. Choose install option under the Khata Book – Ledger Account Book, Udhar khata logo, and enjoy!

How does Khatabook earn?

Khatabook app currently free to use for its users. However, to earn revenue on behalf of the service provided, the commission-based revenue model seems lucrative. A fixed percentage of commission can be deducted from every transaction made between customers and shopkeepers.

How can I recover my Khatabook account?

How to restore data using previously created backup file
  1. Open Khata Book app.
  2. Go to Option Menu in the app.
  3. Select Backup option.
  4. Select ‘Restore data from khata file (Download Folder)’
  5. Go to Download folder if Khata Book did not open that folder in File manager.
  6. Pick a . khata file from which you want to restore data.
Who is the founder of Khata book?
Ravish Naresh
Founded by four IIT-Bombay grads, Khatabook is led by Ravish Naresh, Co-founder, and COO at, one of India’s most significant property listing websites.
Who made Khata book app?
Vaibhav Kaple
Vaibhav Kaple is still a part of the team, working as an Android Developer. As for the app itself, it still retains the characteristics that had made it go viral.
Number #1 app to replace your offline Udhar Bahi Khata and transform it into a digital ledger Cash Book with a lot of great features. It is Tally for mobile.

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