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Some Hogwarts Legacy Players Can’t Reach Max Level

Some Hogwarts Legacy players cannot reach the max level despite getting 100% completion, preventing them from unlocking all the achievements.

Some Hogwarts Legacy players are unable to reach Legacy Players Can’t Reach Max Level in the game. Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG, and it includes a leveling up system, skill trees, and an equipment system similar to other games in this genre. Players get XP for completing various tasks and activities present in the world of Hogwarts Legacy, and they can further increase their combat skills by investing points into one of its talent trees.

Some Hogwarts Legacy Players Can't Reach Max Level

Hogwarts Legacy Players Some Hogwarts Legacy Players Can’t Reach Max  five skill trees that allow users to enhance their core abilities, upgrade individual spells, improve stealth capabilities, and more. As an example, gamers can invest these points to increase the amount of HP they get upon using a Wiggenweld Potion or gain the ability to use Accio on multiple enemies at the same time. Users gain one point upon leveling up in Hogwarts Legacy, but it looks like an issue is preventing some fans from getting to the max level.

Some Hogwarts Legacy Players Can't Reach Max Level

They have reported the bug, and it seems like a few other players are also facing this issue, as gamers in the comments section discuss the possibility of Cacophonous_Euphoria missing out on a piece of side content. One user ran into the same problem, as the icon for leveling up is full, but it’s stuck at 39 with nothing else for them to complete and no other way to obtain XP. Fans cannot simply defeat enemies to get more XP, as it looks to be tied to the challenges system of Hogwarts Legacy, which the Reddit poster has already completed.

Another player claims to have encountered the same issue, but they found an extra side quest called Portrait in a Pickle, which ultimately allowed them to reach level 40 in Hogwarts Legacy. However, Cacophonous_Euphoria reiterates that they have already completed all the side quests in Hogwarts Legacy, so it may just be a bug in their playthrough.


Will Hogwarts Legacy have expansions?

If you’re hoping for Hogwarts Legacy DLC it seems you’ll be left wanting for now, as Hogwarts Legacy game director Alan Tew confirms that there are “no current plans” for expansion content to the Harry Potter RPG game.

Can you become evil in Hogwarts mystery?

While you can’t become an actual villain, it is possible to wield dark magic and play as an evil wizard in Hogwarts Legacy. As it’s an open world RPG you have plenty of ways to customize your character, choose your house and develop your magical skills and powers.

Why is Hogwarts Legacy 16+?

The Hogwarts Legacy age rating is so high because officially, according to PEGI, the game features violence, bad language and in-game purchases.



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