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We are committed to providing you with a variety of loan products and the best quality services.

Product Information:
1. Loans range: ₹1,000 to ₹20,000
2. Interest starts: from 0.1% for daily loans
3. The highest annual interest rate (APR) is 36% per year
4. Competitive service fees start from 0.21%
5. Tenure from 92 – 120 days.
6. Example: If loan amount is ₹8,000 with a tenure of 92 days with an interest of 0.1% days, then the total return is ₹8,720.

LoanEZ is an instant personal online loan platform that provides short-term personal loans in a few simple steps. It offers loans ranging from ₹1000 to ₹20000, depending on your eligibility. You only need to enter your personal details through your mobile phone. Once the KYC is confirmed, the cash will be transferred to your bank account immediately.

LoanEZ – Easy loans, bright life
Why choose LoanEZ?
1. Simple and Fast Lending: Online apply by phone, 4 steps, 7*24 quick approval
2. High limit: up to Rs 20000
3. Convenient repayment: Support multi-channel repayment, support early repayment and apply the extension loan.
SUMMARY: choose LoanEZ, get money, live a bright Life!.

follow 5 points , you can easily get money:
1. Download and register
2. Complete your KYC documentation
3. Confirm the money
4. Repayment money on time to increase credit limit
5. if have trouble repayment, apply the extension loan
Download LoanEZ now and submit a loan application to us.

Loan Conditions:
Borrower must be an Indian citizen over 18 years old with ID and proof of income.

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