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Minecraft Bug Prevents Players From Crafting Campfires With Cherry Blossom Logs

New updates often come with new bugs, and the playable snapshot of the Minecraft 1.20 version is no exception. The new update is planned for release some time in 2023 and has some exciting new features including the beautiful minecraft-cherry-blossom-log-campfire-bug blossom biome. Minecraft players testing out the new snapshot naturally beelined for the new biome, albeit with varying levels of.minecraft-cherry-blossom-log-campfire-bug

Minecraft has come a long way since it launched in 2011. The open-world sandbox still captures imaginations and enjoys massive popularity among players of all ages, and has received several big updates in its time that added exciting new features like additional biomes, mobs, and structures. The recent 1.19 version, known as the Wild Update, added the mangrove swamp and deep dark biomes, the latter of which included vast Ancient City structures for players to explore.


This type of bug can be really annoying since it will necessitate players having to venture outside the biome they are in to get wood that will enable them to craft affected items. Thankfully this new bug was discovered before the minecraft-cherry-blossom-log-campfire-bug 1.20 update goes live, but it is likely that more bugs will surface when it eventually does since the small pool of players indulging in the playable 1.20 snapshot won’t be able to test each and every possibility in the vast sandbox that is Minecraft. It is, after all, a game that encourages creativity, and Minecraft players are known for coming up with all sorts of weird and wonderful creations.


The unnamed Minecraft 1.20 update doesn’t have a fixed release date as yet, but is nevertheless one to look forward to thanks to the raft of new features that will be included. The update seems to be centered around prehistory, as evidenced by the presence of the ancient Sniffer mob and a new archeology mechanic in Minecraft that will allow players to unearth ancient seeds and pottery shards to help decorate their homes.

Minecraft is available on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy devices.



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