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Minecraft Steve Is Officially Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Best Character

Minecraft Steve Is Officially playable characters to choose from, debates surrounding who the best character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is will likely rage on until the next game comes out. However, a large group of pro players have come together in an attempt to create the game’s first official tier list, ranking every single character and how viable they are in game

UltRank reached out to 155 Smash Bros. Ultimate players who featured on several top 101 leaderboards across the globe, with 71 choosing to participate. These players were then asked for their opinions on different characters and told to give them a rank, as well as a top five list of characters they considered to be the best. While only 73 percent of these players ranked every character, almost everyone ranked three quarters of them, leading to the first “official” tier list that you can find embedded below.

As for the other end of the table, Little Mac and Ganondorf mains should look away now as they were easily voted as the worst characters in the game. Ganondorf was picked dead last by 54 of the 68 players that evaluated him, while Little Mac was very close to becoming the unanimous pick for second worst. You can’t win em all, eh?


Is Minecraft Steve a real person?

Steve is presented as a human character with a blocky appearance, which is consistent with the aesthetic and art style of Minecraft. His name originated as an in-joke by Persson, and was confirmed as his official name in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

What is Minecraft Steve’s real name?

Although he is called Steve on the LEGO website, Notch has stated in the past that his name is spelled as “Steve?” since officially, he has no name and is referred to only as “The Player”. As of the 1.8 update, the player may also have the default skin Alex. In the game.

Does Steve have a crush on Alex?

It starts off by him being called into the Mojang office by Notch to meet Alex. Right when he meets her, Steve falls in love with her and is unable to talk because he is so amazed, which in turn offends Alex, as she storms off to kill Steve.



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