Notisave App Download Latest Version for Android 2021

The Notisave App Download makes it easy to manage all the notifications, alerts, and incoming messages sent by apps installed on your device.

Notisave App Download Latest Version for Android 2021

Notisave App Download (Notification History logs Saver) app allows you to save all upcoming notifications of your mobile phone. With this Notification Saver 🔔 app, you can Save all notifications at one place and can keep your Noti-bar (Notifications Bar) clean.

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Notification History Saver & Recover Deleted Messages of WhatsApp:

Notisave App Download helps you to save WhatsApp Notifications and you can also view deleted messages of WhatsApp. This app also works as Message recovery app for WhatsApp because it recover deleted messages and save messages of WhatsApp. It save notification logs and keep your noti-bar clean.

Status Saver for WhatsApp:

Beside saving notification history of WhatsApp, Notisave App Download also save status (Image & Video Status) of WhatsApp on just single tab.

You can view all WhatsApp statuses and save status of your favorite one just by clicking on download button. You don’t need to download any other StatusSaver app for WhatsApp. You can also download video status of WhatsApp easily.

Sometimes we accidentally clear all notifications without attending all of them but now you can view all recent notifications of your installed apps at one place and can read them in detail easily.

Manage your recent/ old notifications, create notification history logs in this single app (Notisave App Download). This Notification Saver app helps you to save notifications of a particular app as well as save notifications of all apps.

🌟Top Features:🌟

✓ Simple User Interface.
✓ Easy to manage notifications of all apps separately.
✓ View and save notifications of WhatsApp or any other social app.
✓ Auto-Save all new messages.
✓ Read WhatsApp messages without giving Read Mark.
✓ AutoSave WhatsApp statuses.
✓ Notification History logs Manager for all apps.
✓ Keep your Notification Bar clean.
✓ Ignore notifications from specific apps.
✓ Recover all deleted messages.
✓ Save recent or old notifications.
✓ Record all notifications on status bar.
✓ Record all messages on status bar.
✓ Hidden chat app for all social apps.
✓ Record deleted messages and incognito chat mode.
✓ Read privately, without leaving “read mark” on messengers.
✓ Read chats while showing offline status.

Supported Apps:

✓ Autosave new messages.
✓ Autosave images from messengers.
✓ Autosave Whatsapp Status.
✓ Save all messages and notifications of WhatsApp.
✓ Save all Messages of Messenger.
✓ Also save notifications of all other social apps.
✓ Select apps whose notifications you want to save.
✓ Read all chat messages without showing online or without giving last seen.
✓ Also, reply to your WhatsApp and Messenger messages from this Notisave App Download (Notification saver) App.


What is the purpose of the Notisave app?

Notisave App Download (Notification History logs Saver) app allows you to save all upcoming notifications of your mobile phone. With this Notification Saver 🔔 app, you can Save all notifications in one place and can keep your Notisave App Download (Notifications Bar) clean.

Is the Notisave app free?

Notisave App Download status and notifications saver is a free program for Android that belongs to the category Business-productivity and has been developed by TENQUBE Inc.

How do I enable Notisave app?

Notisave UI is easy to navigate.
  1. Go to and download an app that can keep a tab on notification history. …
  2. After the app is installed, grant all necessary permissions. …
  3. Once that’s done, the app will start keeping a log of every notification you’ve received, including WhatsApp messages.

How do I save a notification on my iPhone?

How to save News notifications to read later on iPhone
  1. When a banner notification shows up that you want to save for later reading, deep press it to pull up options (if you don’t have an iPhone with 3D Touch you can tap and hold until the options come up). …
  2. Tap Save for Later.

Why Notisave is not working?

If you are using any battery-optimizer app, it will shutdown Notisave App Download. So you have to make sure Notisave App Download is protected from those apps. … Dear Notisave users, If you are using any battery-optimizer app, it will make Notisave stop working.

How can use Notisave?

Whether messages were erased or not, Notisave will keep a record of every notification you get. To do that, you have to give it special access. This access will override other apps so it can gather notification data. After installing it, Notisave will ask you to give it permission to record your notifications.

Required Permissions:

* Need Notification Access Permission to Save Notifications.
* Storage Permission to save WhatsApp Status.

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Conclusion / निष्कर्ष:

हम आशा करते है कि हमारे द्वारा  Notisave App Download कैसे करें!  आपको पसंद आये होगे। अगर यह Notisave App आपको पसंद आया है तो अपने दोस्तों और परिवार वालों के साथ शेयर करना ना भूले। इसके बारे में अगर आपका कोई सवाल या सुझाव हो तो हमें कमेंट करके जरूर बताएं।

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