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Overwatch 2 Player Points Out Neat Detail About Beekeeper Sigma Skin

Overwatch 2 players have been buzzing about an in-game discovery made about one of the game’s newest skins. Recently, one player found and shared a hidden detail on the Beekeeper Sigma skin, with this aspect of the Overwatch 2 cosmetic being impossible to notice until it is actually being used.

For those unfamiliar with the Overwatch 2, it is a team-based, first-person shooter game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. One of the game’s most appealing features is the ability for players to customize the heroes with different skins that change their appearance. The Beekeeper skin was added as part of the Ultimate bundle for the Overwatch 2 season 3 battle pass, and it transforms the tank hero into a beekeeper complete with a full beekeeping outfit. Bees can be found fluttering on the tank’s left arm and honeycombs are equipped as shoulder armor.


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Wanting to share this delightful discovery with the Overwatch 2 community, u/Drunken_Queen quickly logged on to Reddit and posted a video on the Overwatch subreddit. Said video quickly gained attention from other Overwatch players, many of whom were amazed that they had not noticed this detail before now.

The discovery has sparked discussions among Overwatch players about the different skins in Overwatch 2 and the amount of variation between each one. Some players were left disappointed by the simplistic designs, upset that none of Sigma’s other abilities had been given the same beekeeper treatment. More optimistic fans were just happy to see the attention to detail, like the actual physical fluttering of the bee’s wings while holding up the shield. For the moment, this is the only skin available that changes the look of Sigma’s experimental barrier ability.

Players who are looking to grab Sigma’s Beekeeper skin for themselves can do so by purchasing the Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle for $29.99 in the Overwatch 2 cosmetic shop. The bundle comes with the Beekeeper Sigma skin, level skips for the Battle Pass, and Overwatch credits. This offer will be available for all of Overwatch 2 season 3.

Overwatch 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


What does Sigma do in Overwatch 2?

Sigma freezes incoming projectiles in midair, converting them into overhealth. Absorb projectiles in front of you and convert them into temporary overhealth.

Is Overwatch 2 free?

A NEW ERA HAS BEGUN. Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play, team-based action game set in the optimistic future, where every match is the ultimate 5v5 battlefield brawl. Play as a time-jumping freedom fighter, a beat-dropping battlefield DJ, or one of over 30 other unique heroes as you battle it out around the globe.



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