How to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos With TouchRetouch

Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos in Fotor is easily implemented thanks to the “Clone” effect, which will help you remove any unwanted content from an image online easily and for free. Plus, it will maintain the picture’s original aesthetics feeling without any effects.

What Is Remove Unwanted Objects?

Remove Unwanted Objects – As one of Fotor’s classic features, our “Clone” effect can help you remove unwanted objects from photos by cloning another natural part to cover the unwanted part.
Because of how easily it can be used, Remove Unwanted Objects effect is the best tool to save you time and also give your photos a great impression. While most other image processing tools require a lot of complex steps to get rid of unwanted content from photos.

How to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos?

  • 1Click the “Edit a Photo” button on Fotor’s homepage, and import your image.
  • 2Go to “Beauty” and then choose “Clone”.
  • 3Adjust the brush size, intensity, and fade.
  • 4Use brush to clone one natural part of the image to cover the unwanted object. And apply the effect.
  • 5Save your work, choosing the format and size you wish.

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Why We Love Using Fotor to Remove Unwanted Objects of Photos Online?

It’s easy to remove unwanted content

Remove Unwanted Objects

With the help of Fotor’s “Clone”, your removal process will be greatly simplified. It is called as photo Remove Unwanted Objects.
All you need to do is check our “Edit-Beauty-Clone” function, and it will allow you to get rid of any Remove Unwanted Objects from pictures in a minute.
Apply the effect, and save it. Unlike professional image processing tools, our “Clone” effect does not require professional skills. This kind of simple yet incredible experience will really leave you with a great impression.
After you apply the effect, you can also sync it to your Fotor cloud which can make it really easy for you to continue editing next time. Without Photoshop experience, you also can remove them easily.

Remove unwanted objects from photos online for free

Fotor’s “Clone” effect is free of charge, even if you are a non-premium user, this feature is free from start to end. It doesn’t matter if you’re a photographer, designer, freelancer, or student, everyone can use it!
Fotor has a wonderful “Clone” tool that helps you Remove Unwanted Objects content, such as date stamps. You can create the perfect image in just a few clicks.

Rescue images that would be scrapped because of annoying superfluous elements

An annoying Remove Unwanted Objects shown in the picture will frustrate you if you prefer to save the picture as your wallpaper or social media avatar.

That means you will need Fotor to help you remove unwanted objects such as wrinkles, blemishes, and even a photobomb from photos because Fotor’s Clone can totally remove unwanted content and make the picture perfect and natural again.

Plus, Fotor provides you critical editing functions, without any limit for unwanted content, you can add any cool photo effect to the image and can decorate it with beautiful stickers, icons, and well-designed fonts.


 How do I remove text from a picture online?

  • 1. Open your browser and go to Fotor.
  • 2. Click “Edit a Photo” and choose “Beauty”.
  • 3. Select the option “Clone” and use the brush to cover the unwanted text.
  • 4. Save it in the format you like.

How do I remove tan lines?

  • 1. Open Fotor and click the button “Edit a Photo”, go to “Beauty”.
  • 2. Choose “Clone” and use the brush to select a tanned portion of your skin.
  • 3. Hold down the mouse to cover tan lines with cloned part.
  • 4. Apply the effect and save it.

What can you do with Fotor’s “Clone” tool?

  • Fotor’s “Clone” effect provides you a chance to create. You can find it in “Edit-Beauty-Clone”, and then select any area on the image to replace the objects you don’t want.
  • With the help of “Clone” effect, just remove all imperfect and unwanted content from the photos, so that the landscape you shot becomes more graceful and your selfies more gorgeous.

How do I remove watermarks from pictures?

  • 1. Browse the “Clone” effect under Fotor’s “Beauty” feature.2. Use the brush to select none-watermark part and use it to replace the watermark.3. Apply the effect, save and share.

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