Save Daddy – Pull the Pin Game

The best world-class puzzle game is back – Save Daddy – Pull the pin game!
Get ready to unlock a world of tricky puzzles and brain teasers in Save Daddy – pull the pin. Each level is unique and carefully designed to challenge your mind and test your IQ. Pull the pin in the right order and help the man escape from dangerous monsters & obstacles safely and thoughtfully.

Play each level very cautiously by analyzing your move before pulling the pin. As you progress, levels increase in difficulty which will make you game challenging and earn more rewards. Unlock and upgrade to new and colorful characters to make your game even more fun-loving and attractive.

This is the best way to exercise your brains and solve tricky riddles which you won’t find in any of the new games. Get ready to bite your way through a lot of engaging levels and solve a ton of interesting puzzles in Save Daddy – pull the pin!!

Save Daddy Game Features:

Beautifully designed and detailed graphics
Highly responsive controls
Endless fun and brain-pushing levels
Immersive and funny sound effects
Great time filler

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