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The Last Of Us Episode 7 Is The Lowest Rated So Far

The Last of Us episode seven has come and gone and it was one that was largely focused on a backstory. Hewing fairly close to The Last of Us DLC Left Behind, episode seven told a story about Ellie and her best friend Riley.

[Spoilers ahead] It was a heartfelt episode, with lovely, whimsical moments, and a tragic ending. But it appears episode seven has been attracting some very negative ratings.

Episode seven started with a continuation of the previous episode, with Joel badly wounded by a gunshot, and Ellie has managed to drag her guardian into shelter. Needing to apply medical treatment, Ellie goes to look for supplies. Then, the episode shifts and we’re back to an earlier time, with Ellie training at a FEDRA facility.


At night her best friend Riley breaks in to her room and takes her out to a mall. The episode has a 7.8 user rating on IMDb, at the time of writing, with more than 20,000 votes, the worst so far for the series. And while nearly 37 percent of users gave it a 10/10 score, a surprising number has rated the episode just 1 out of 10.

It is worth noting that the previous episode with a significant amount of low ratings was episode three, which is the one that centered on Bill and Frank and their relationship. The episode featured the gay couple as a major focus and was acclaimed for its tender protrayal of their life.

The Last Of Us Episode 7

But the episode also attracted ugly homophobic reviews and accusations that it was somehow “too woke”. However, queer and gay storylines are no stranger to the games the show is based on, while such relationships also just happen to exist in the real world.

There are many hundreds of one-star reviews for this particular episode and while some user reviews have indicated their boredom and frustration at the lack of overall progress in the story,

it is strange that the tale of Ellie and Riley would attract such low ratings in such number. We can view it as being harsh, and it is likely that there will be some angry folks out there who just wanted to make their displeasure known.

The Last Of Us Episode 7

But equally it could be down to homophobes and bigots who think a depiction of two girls kissing each other is just taking things too far. The next lowest-rated episode so far happens to be The Last Of Us Episode 7 three, with an overall rating of eight, and which also happens to feature a gay romance.



‘The Last of Us’ Season 1, Episode 7: Secret Origins. This week, an extended flashback fills in significant aspects of Ellie’s life in the Boston Quarantine Zone
Riley (Storm Reid), left, and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) peer through some shop windows in “The Last of Us.” Those familiar with “The Last of Us” video games will recognize that Episode 7 is an adaptation of “The Last of Us: Left Behind,” a supplemental chapter of the game originally released in 2014


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