Renault Unveiled Its New Electric Car ‘5’, Which Will Get A Range Of 400 Km On A Single Charge!

  • on February 27, 2024

Renault 5 EV: Renault has unveiled its most anticipated electric car, the Renault R5, at the Geneva Motor Show and it also features the brand’s iconic Super 5 vertical taillights, colored brown. The new Renault 5 is a fully electric car and is considered a premium hatchback to compete with cars like the Mini Cooper. The external charge indicator is on the bonnet and the rear styling is reminiscent of the popular Renault 5, which was one of the best-selling cars in France in the 70s.

Renault 5 EV Launch Date

The reborn Renault 5 will be fully unveiled at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show on February 26. There isn’t much time to wait until the new all-electric Renault 5 e-Tech takes center stage at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show, with the big reveal set to take place on February 26.

What is special in Renault 5 EV

The Renault 5 EV car will come with a 52 kWh battery capacity and can give a range of 400 kilometers on a single charge. Its interiors feature a dual-screen setup and a Google-based infotainment system, while the fabric interior remains the same as the old R5.

The R5 is a premium hatchback and will be sold only in global markets where such cars are more popular. Renault 5 is too expensive for the Indian market but bringing old cars back in an electric avatar is the latest trend globally.

This car will get support for V2L i.e. Vehicle to Load charge. Also, the weight of this car can be less than 1500 kg. The car can get a boot space of 326 liters. Apart from this, the company claims that this car can pull up to 500 kg.

How will the Renault 5 EV be?

The original Renault 5 concept was a delightful little EV that had us all enthralled on our computer screens when it was unveiled in 2021. It represents the beginning of a new era for Renault, as it uses its vast heritage to create what it hopes is the best. Become future classics, starting with the production version of the internet-breaking Renault 5 show car.

Renault 5 EV Price

Prices haven’t been confirmed yet, but Renault is aiming for it to be priced at around £25,000 when it launches in the UK. Deliveries in Continental Europe are expected to begin in late 2024, with the first cars landing in the UK in the first few weeks of 2025. For India, Renault is preparing a new lineup of cars, including a new SUV arriving next year. Duster and its 7 seater variant as well as a mass-market electric car for our market.

Where will the Renault 5 EV be produced?

It will be built in Douai, France, as part of the automaker’s power cluster of car and component factories. The batteries will come from Envision AESC from next year, which will also include electric motors from Clonmel, France. Renault says the Renault 5 will take 9 hours to build, which is faster than a Tesla.

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